Frankfurt, a city of contrasts and character provided a fitting backdrop for the 1st European Meeting on Multivariate Data Analysis in 2005, organised by CAMO. The launch of the newest version of ‘The Unscrambler,’ Version 9.2, was announced.

Participants from 5 continents, incorporating 16 countries, converged to discuss varying topics within the broad field of chemometrics. The presentations were of world-class standard befitting such an event. The intellectual discussions included stimulating topics like the future of PAT and the details of curve resolution, among others.

Team CAMO would like to sincerely thank not only the presenters, but also the participants whose active attendance made the conference, such a success.

We look forward to building from the success of this meeting and hope to see many of you again next year.

Many thanks and happy Unscrambling !


Key-Note Speakers

  • Inline spectroscopy and chemometrics - A road map for successful implementation of knowledge based processing in the manufacturing industry:
    Prof. Rudolf and Waltraud Kessler, Hochschule Reutlingen, Germany
  • Analysis of consumer preference data, sensory profiling data and instrumental measurement data using PCA and PLSR:
    Dr. Oliver Tomic, Matforsk, Norway
  • EMSC as a tool for seperation and characterisation of physical and chemical information in FT-IR spectra:
    Dr. rer. Nat. Achim Kohler, Matforsk, Norway
  • Three-way PLS. Principles and applications:
    Prof. Rasmus Bro, KVL, Denmark
  • Unambigous warning against over-fitting in multivariate calibration:
    Dr. Klaas Faber, Chemometry Consultancy, Holland
  • Chemometrics and the PAT concept: an urgent need for education:
    Dr. Tony Davies, NoRwich Near Infrared Consultancy, UK
  • Multivariate Curve Resolution: Theory and applications:
    Prof. Romà Tauler, Institute for Chemical and Environmental Research, IIQAB-CSIC

Downloads related to the 1st European User Meeting on Multivariate Analysis

Last updated December 01st 2005