Prior to the European user meeting, CAMO arranges a selection of short courses open to the participants of the user meeting. Attendees are free to choose one morning course and one afternoon course from the list below. Based on availability, the courses will be open to participants not attending the user meeting.

The courses will be arranged in the conference hotel, click on the link labelled "venue" for details. Included in the course package is a lunch between the sessions and a cocktail with hot and cold canapees after the courses. For pricing information, visit the link named "Registration".

Preliminary course program

Morning session Afternoon session
Spectroscopic data pretreatment by Martin Kermit Process Analytical Technology (PAT) by Waltraud and Rudolf Kessler
Sensory panel data evaluation by Valerie Lengard Advanced chemometric II (Multiblock PLS / L-PLS) by Frank Westad and Martin Kermit
Advanced chemometrics I (3-way analysis) by Frank Westad Genetic Algorithms in variable selection by Riccardo Leardi


Last updated June 8th 2006